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Making Some Light In the Dark

Good grief do I need some sun!  I was hoping for some this weekend but it seems the forecast has changed to dark and cold again.  Chris wants to take me out for a little while just to get me out of the house.  I hope all goes well.  Yesterday Stella wouldn’t stop throwing up.  Turns out she ate a rope toy.  She finally brought it up one of the last times she was sick.  I don’t know what to do for her.  If I take away all the toys she will start eating random things around the house.  She’s like a goat.  I am very frustrated.

My finger has been doing well despite various bumps here and there.  Until this morning when I forgot and tries to use it to shut the bedroom door and opened it back up.  Normally it doesn’t hurt.  It aches deeply right now.  It just brought enough blood to the surface to outline the cut.

Essie was bugging me to get up starting at 6am this morning.   I managed to make it til almost 7:30am before I gave up.  Now she is asleep behind me.  I’m not sure what to do with myself today.  I need to make puppy treats but I don’t know if I can with my finger.  I hate to buy some but it might come to that.

I need to remember my schedule next week.  I am working Monday through Wednesday so I can have Thursday and Friday off.  Mom is having her eye surgery Thursday and follow up appointment Friday.  I don’t know if she is going to do both eyes as she has messed up vision due to being cross-eyed as a kid.  They didn’t do any surgery until she was 12 years old if I remember correctly.  By that time she learned to only use one eye to see.  She can see with both but only one at a time.  So I’m not sure what her plan will be for the “bad” eye.

Today will be a good day.  I will have fun when I go out with Chris.  The sun will come out for a while so I can enjoy it.  The kids (aka Stella) won’t get into anything while we are gone.  Maybe I will ask to go to a book store.  I have enough to get a book.  Maybe I can find something new to read.  I can do this.  Then I can have all day tomorrow to do whatever I want.  I can read, I can write…  I can do this.

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