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And so continues the chaos that has been this week.   Last night I opened a can of dog food for the kids while I was talking with Dad.  You know how the opener will not completely take the lid off sometimes (seems to be all the time with ours) so you have to twist and pull to get that little piece that’s holding on to let go?  Well I had to do that.  Within that process the lid sliced open my first finger on my right hand.  Yay!  I seemed to be bleeding all over everything.  I felt like a vampire Happy Meal (or Not So Happy Meal).  Took forever to get the bleeding stopped.  I probably could use stitches.  It is very deep in parts and pretty much goes down the top half of my finger.  That is where the Crazy Glue is gonna come in handy.  Once I find it.

It will be nice to not have to rush to do anything or go anywhere today.  Temperatures have dropped again and the snow is coming down hard enough that it is difficult to see out the windows.  Bah humbug!  It is the middle of April!   Go away!

I finally got some sleep last night after two nights pretty much without.  I think I was out for almost 12 hours.  I’m not sure I feel any better for it but I am glad to have had it.  I am tired of thinking all the time.  I am looking forward to a shower when Chris gets up as well.  I am tempted to take a bath in the garden tub but if I do it will use up all the hot water in the tank (yes it’s that big).  Chris showers before work and that would be rude to do to him.

I am shocked that my finger does not hurt.  Once the shock wore off and I got it wrapped in a big Band-Aid it stopped hurting.  Unless I really bump it it doesn’t feel like anything is wrong.  Very odd.  Atleast to me.  It is odd trying to type with one finger sticking up too.  Like drink tea with your pinky out only in reverse.

Today is going to be about me.  I’m going to read in my jammies and drink coffee then maybe some tea.  A hot shower and I may even do my nails.  I’ll need to change the Band-Aid at one point too.  I’m glad it stopped bleeding.  I went through two of the big ones before it stopped.

Depressing as the snow is it is supposed to turn to a rain snow mix, then just rain, then warmer and sun tomorrow.  So whatever falls should not stick (please please please).  On that note I bid you adieu for the day.  Cheers!

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