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Morning? Already?

I’ve had minimal sleep the past two days.  Too much is going on.  The only thing I haven’t had to really stress about are my articles.  I just write what I saw and heard at the meetings.  I’d say I’d been up since 6am but that is just when I left the bed.  I needed to get the last article sent in.

It sounds like some kind of industrial stuff is going on across the way from us.  Maybe that means they will be trimming the trees and moving the electrical pole so we can get the garage finished???  It feels like the garage is taking a lot long than it should.  We I know it is.  It was supposed to be finished before we left for Oklahoma in November.  As it was the fence got finished the day we left.

Moose has had tummy rumblings all night.  He never got sick but it was loud.  Stella seemed to be up and barking whenever she heard Dante move from room to room because she thought someone was here.  He moves a lot because he can’t get comfortable for very long.  Stella got sick yesterday evening.  She spent her time trying to get beneath the porch to get to her sick instead of going potty every time I let her out so Chris came home to numerous accidents in the house from her.

On the plus side we might actually have sun today.  The trees in back are being shown off by the rising of the sun.


The kids are all asleep.  Moose is buried and tucked beneath a pillow and blankets.  Dante is asleep at my feet.  The girls are behind me.  Essie has been a little lethargic yesterday and this morning.  Hopefully she’s better when I get home.


I suppose I’d better get ready to go.  Wish me luck!  I have  feeling work might be drama filled!  Cheers!

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