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Trying Again

For once I started with a title.  Normally I don’t pick my title til the end.  I made it through yesterday.  I am a bit better today.  Chris took me out to get groceries and such.  We had to go into town so we stopped by and saw Mom and her two pups.  It helped to get out.  I also had a good talk with my aunt down in Florida.

Part of me thinks I should apologize for the last post.  Then there is the other side that is not for that because I told myself that I would be honest in my posts.  Even the ugly side.  Today isn’t as dark in my heart and mind but the shadows are still there.  The hurt is still there.  I feel a bit like a bruised fruit.  Sometimes you don’t see the bruises until you peel the skin off.  Then what do you do with it?

Moose was at my side most of the day.  He knew something was wrong.  Sadly I was in a good mood and happy went I went to bed the night before.

So much is going through my head right now.  How people change and why.  What doesn’t change and why.  What you bury deep deep inside but it pulls itself up above ground to see what’s going on anyway.  What do you to do deal with any and all of that.  Because it has to be dealt with.  Even if that action is burying it deep down inside.  Some kind of action is required.  Trying to ignore things makes it worse.  That’s when things will explode in your face making things worse than they were before.

I guess it’s the dealing with things that’s the hardest.  If for no other reason because you were trying to suppress and cope so no one else would know.  Once it’s out in the open that seems to make it feel worse.  Like the air burns it deep down inside.

Like I said I am better but only just.  I am hoping that as my day goes on things will feel better.  Thanks for reading…


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