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Hope Springs Eternal, Now Where Is Spring?

This will be shorter than my normal short-gotta-get-to-work blog as Mother Nature blessed (I use the term VERY loosely) with a snow freezing rain mix overnight that is still coming down.  Even Chris said to be careful on the way in this morning.  Soooo….

I took Essie to the vet yesterday and they gave her antibiotics for the puncture.  Whatever it was worked itself out (probably due to her licking it) and that allowed the swelling to go down.  Not only did our vet work us in on their lunch hour but they also got us her medicine for free at the local pharmacy.  That was such a relief when they said that!

I had a meeting to cover last night that lasted a little bit over the normal hour so I didn’t get home until late and still had laundry to finish (I won’t leave the dryer running if I leave the kids) so I ended up stayed up way past when I should.  On the plus side I slept really good.  On the not so plus side I am really tired.

I will hopefully be able to work on the article at work this morning but who knows.  I may end up busy again.  Chris is dropping his truck of for recall fixes today before work so I may or may not see him.  I have someone scheduled right before I leave so I don’t know how long it will take.  They say it’s supposed to be 15 minutes for paperwork and releasing everything but all week when I have had someone scheduled late I have been there almost an hour after my shift was supposed to end.  But I get to help others so…  Point being I hope I can see him before work.

Moose has wadded up a binkie and is asleep with it in his mouth.


The girls are both sound asleep behind me.


Baby Dante is under the table I’m at also asleep.


Everyone is happily snoozing.  I hope I can get them out one more time before I leave.  They weren’t happy about going out in the weather.  I don’t think everyone did business while they were out.  I don’t want any accidents in the house.  But if no one will go back out then there is not much I can do.  Here’s to hoping.

I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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