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Last night was hard.  Essie punctured her foot when she caught her frisbee (no idea what happened as I threw the frisbee, she caught it and wandered off to go potty so I shut the door).  For most of the night she could barely walk one three feet.  Her foot became very swollen and she fell into a very deep sleep (what you heard last night was not thunder or an earthquake, it was Essie snoring).  While she was sleeping the foot weeped a little.  There wasn’t much blood to begin with.  This morning the swelling is gone and she is walking fine.  So do I take her to the vet?

Then there is Dante.  I was giving him some much deserved lovins when I started to feel a mass under his arm/leg.  I felt the mass and it is as big as the palm of my hand.  It wasn’t there the last time he got lovins.  Now is this a fatty mass that they get as they get older?  Or is this something I need to worry about?  Again, do we go to the vet?

What is ironic with all this is I stayed late to help a person at work again last night.  I felt very good abut it because we got her vehicle running and she was able to drive home.  It took some doing but she was very happy and relieved.  And I felt good because I enjoy helping people.  So when I got home I was feeling very good about life and myself. That stuff happening with the kids was just a gut punch.  Tuesday Moose had what’s called Cherry Eye.  His third eye lid was becoming swollen and starting to pop out.  I was worried a vet visit would be coming the next day.  One of the things you can do is massage the eye to help the swelling go down.  I guess it felt good because Moose was really leaning into it so I just kept rubbing his eye for a bit every once in a while.  No more Cherry Eye.

But I am scared to leave Essie’s foot untreated because if it is a through and through puncture then it can get infected with everything in out yard.  I still would really like to know what happened.  Was it a nail?  A piece of fencing that the guys left (I picked up as much of the stray wire scraps as I could swearing at them the whole way when they finally got the fence up)?  A stick?  I would like to know if there is something I need to go find in the yard to prevent it happening again.  So I guess it will be atleast one vet trip.  I am going to call them when they open and talk to them to figure out what to do.  And Stella needs to go in for her 3 year rabies shot as well as getting microchipped (I keep forgetting because of all her issues to get that done).

If we do go to the vet I may have to take all four in the car with me.  I hate doing that because of the parking lot at the vet’s office being right on the busy road.  I had everyone escape and head for the road once.  Worst day EVER!  But if Chris is still asleep when they can get us in then I can’t leave anyone here but Essie otherwise they will bark and cry.  Essie of course needs to go with because it is her paw.  I have a meeting that I’m covering tonight as well.  Hopefully that will keep my mind off things.

Anyway the clock says the vet’s office should be open right now so I need to get off of here and get on the phone.  Thanks for listening…..


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