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Growing Myself

Atleast it is raining this morning.  I’m not typing well because I split my finger at work.  It happens to be the first finger on my left hand.  I was so busy at work I actually hurt when I got home.  It was also the first day I worked from the time I got there til the time I left.  No breaks.  I even stayed almost another two hours after I was due to go home.   I was falling asleep by 9pm on the couch with the dogs.

Why is it at night you can have all these grand blogging ideas where you talk about things that matter to the reader and people will want to interact with… then morning arrives and you find yourself typing the same stuff because you cannot remember anything you thought about last night?  Very annoying.  What’s worse is I had a glimmer when I was feeding the dogs then POOF!  Gone.

After I finish working on this I have to send the article.  I never had a chance yesterday.  Despite the sleep I cannot stop yawning.  The kids are asleep behind me instead of all spread out.  That is a nice change.  Stella has been in trouble more often than not so the others have kept away from her.  She will find things to get into no matter what we do or how we puppy proof things.  I think she may end up in the cage while I am at work.  I am running out of preventative measures.

I pulled out the next book in the series I started reading before work.  I wasn’t able to crack it until bed last night and didn’t get very far.  But that’s ok.  It was good to get back to familiar faces and my favorite characters.  For those wondering I have started reading the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters.  Not only do I love the series but the author as well.  Barbara Mertz is her real name and she possessed a Ph.D. in Egyptology.  I have most of her Egyptology books in my library here.  I have the Amelia Peabody books as well as my other favorite character she did Jaqueline Kirby.  Sadly she didn’t do very many books on her.  Ms. Mertz also wrote under the name Barbara Michaels.  Those were mystery romance novels.  I own one but I am not a fan of the romance novel so I’ve not pursued that line of books.  The one I have is well written and I’m sure they are very good.  I have one of the Peabody novels in hardback autographed.  Which is cool in and of itself but what makes it unique is the fact that I have two title pages that she signed, not one like a normal book.

I am glad I have the day off.  There are things that need to be done but I am making myself take my time.  I can feel the anxiety trying to creep in and take control.  But I won’t let it.  There is no reason for it.  Things will get done and they will be done on time.  I can do this.  Now to take the first step and send in the article.  I may do another bit on here later.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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