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A Little at a Time

Today I am doing as much as I can with my left arm.  My right shoulder has been steadily getting worse.  I do too much with my arms and am too flexible.  I should limit myself as I get older but the only thing that will do that is pain.  And even then I am guilty of pushing through it because things need to get done.

I feel a little better than yesterday mentally.  Not much though.  Getting more snow after warmer temps and most of the snow being taken away by either wind or sun didn’t help.  I am supposed to talk to Dad at one point today but I don’t know if I will.  I may wait til later in the week.  We’ll see.  The kids have been trying to cheer me up but at times it is just too much with everyone in my face.

This month is going to be very weird.  We got up this morning and Chris went to bed.  I’m not sure how he’s going to manage this for a whole month.  His new shift is 6pm to 5am.  It will throw us all off.  I forgot to ask how long he needed to sleep this morning.  With his old schedule it was until noon or so.  With decent weather the kids and I could be outside doing stuff instead of just sleeping and trying to be quiet.

I need to clean the laptop today too.  I am noticing fur and nose prints all over as I do this.  I’m trying to pay attention to things as I do them today.  Try to find some balance physically and mentally.  Typing this I notice that my right shoulder seems to be held higher than the left.  So I make it a point to even out my shoulders.   Everyone thinks I am weird because I have tried to learn to do things with both my right and left hands.  I can shoot pool, darts and use my bull whip with both hands/arms.  I can write with both but it has been a while since I tried it.  I can also drive a stick shift from either side.  I would like to try shifter paddles next but that is another story.  My point is if I learn to do it with either hand when something gets injured then I have a backup plan.  I’m pretty proud of that.  Weird or not.

Today’s challenge is using the mouse with the left hand instead of the right.  It is slower and awkward but do able.  Navigating is the trick since I seem to want to push the button at the wrong time.

I need to write my article today.  I wasn’t even going to attempt it yesterday.  But if I write it today I can read it over one more time tomorrow before I send it in.  Oh, I did promise a look at the April Fool’s Day article I wrote.


Anyone who is a Jaws fan should enjoy it.  I actually enjoyed doing the research on that one.  I had to find the right place for the shark as well as researching the shark itself.  Freshwater sharks are an interesting bunch.  I wrote a lot more than what I sent in.  I described the shark and everything about it including gestation period and such.  It was pretty fun.  But I like sharks so it was a good excuse to learn something new about them.

I’d better get going on the new article.  Thanks for reading!  Cheers!

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