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Ever Closer to Spring

I slept it and I’m not sure if it felt wonderful or not.  I certainly needed the sleep but Stella was making frustrated sounds (I think she was leaking again, a sad result from her abuse) and then she would hear things every once in a while and woof.  Once Chris was home things settled in better so I did manage to get about  or  5 or 6 hours of solid sleep.  I do feel a little stiff.  Part of it is the overcast skies.  It was supposed to rain last night but that never happened sadly.

I am excited to report that I can hear Spring birds chirping and singing out front!  What?!  I just checked the temperature outside and it’s almost 50F!  No wonder the kids stayed out longer than normal this morning!  Yipee!

The only things I really have to do today are laundry, make some phone calls and make puppy treats.  I should come up with a better game plan for Stella’s page and GoFundMe site.  I have been slacking off a lot and I need the help for her medical expenses.  I hope she has a few years of being able to be a pup before her body starts to break down on her.

I am trying not to think about stuff like that.  What’s done is done and I can’t change the past.  I can only do my best to give her a good life now.  And things are actually going well in life so I need to enjoy life instead of focusing on anything bad.  It is becoming easier and easier to revert to my old self.  I was worried I had lost that for good after working for Younker’s.  I am grateful I just hid it.

The driveway is mostly clear.  So this begs the question of whether or not to take the bike out.  If I am going to take him out then I need to check the battery and tires and make sure I have a good spot to park him when I get back.  I need to work on doing things with the bike and not being afraid to mess him up.  When I move the bike I’m always worried I will drop him or something and as a result I am too delicate with him and can’t move him.  But I will overcome this.  I will make mistakes and it will not be the end of the world.  I will not be a bad person.

The whole thing with making mistakes is difficult to work through.  I am doing amazingly well off the bike.  I think I can do just as well on the bike.  I give myself the ok to learn instead of being afraid to make a mistake.  It will take some undoing but I will get there.  I will probably need to wait until Chris gets up to do anything as Stella will probably start fussing.  I may try before he gets up though.  Since the bikes are right by the door they can see me the whole time.  It’s not like I’m going to the mail box.

It is almost time to make my phone calls and such so I’d better get going.  Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Ever Closer to Spring”

      1. Outstanding. We need, maybe more than ever information in print rather than spoon fed to us by the magic box. Proud of you!

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