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Rekindling Dreams

Last night I rekindled my love for ballet.  I wanted something different tot watch so I went to Hulu and found a documentary called Ballet Now.  It’s a behind the scenes look as the prima ballerina from NYC Ballet Tiler Peck curates the BalletNOW Program.  Not only does she do a magnificent job but it also reminded me about my buried love for dancing.  I always yell people that I took ballet and I even rekindled the love when I was in my s but never followed through.  After last night I think I may try again.  I still have my toe shoes. I probably am not going to have money for classes but that is ok.  I put a few DVDs on my Amazon wish list so I can get them when I have some money.

Yesterday I made a trip to town and went to spend some time with Mom and her two kids.  We had a good time.  I feel a bit guilty though.  It seems that my visit got Mom depressed after I left.  I thought something might be wrong but we were just chatting away and playing with her dogs so I never broached the topic.  We did talk a little about it last night before bed.

Well that is frustrating.  I got up early (extra early as a matter of fact) and I am no further than normal before I have to get moving to go to work.  Grrr.  I will leave you with some pics of Mom’s two kids and mine sleeping this morning.  Have a great day!


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