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A Little Something to Read

I got a small gift package of a book and journal from my aunt down in Florida.  A while ago she had asked me if I would like this book that someone had recommended.  She even sent a link but whenever I tried to view it my electronics went crazy saying that there was some kind of virus or bad thing going on so I could never access the link.  But me being me I said yes.  I always enjoy finding new authors and books to read.  And Aunt Heidi is very good about bird dogging things I would enjoy.  Once again she did not disappoint.

Truthfully I had forgotten about the book.  She and I try so hard to stay in touch but life and forgetfulness seem to intrude and we miss each other for weeks on end.  So when it showed up in the mail I was both surprised and excited.  I started it last night.  I made myself wait because I was pretty sure that if I started earlier I would be lost to the world.  It was easier to do that in bed instead of be upset a every little interruption.

The book is called “Moonbeams and Shooting Stars” written by Gwinevere Rain.  It was published back in 2004.  Now a bit of explanation here.   Yes this is a book geared toward female teens.  No I am not one but I get more out of reading a lot of the books geared toward teens because they don’t build on all the experiences that adults have had.  They are not dummied down.  They are simplified to life experiences.  And for me that is something I need.  I need to step away from all my experience and get back to my basic self.  It always amazes me when I read books like this and I feel my mindset reverting to how I felt as a teen and getting exposed to things for the first time.

Also a side note this is a Pagan book but the author has written it so anyone of any faith can use it.  I applaud this but there is a part of me that wonders if anyone other than a Pagan would read it and use it.  I would like to hope so but there are a lot of closed minds out there.

The purpose of the book is to help… well the cover says, “Discover inner strength and live a happier, more spiritual life.”  I find it refreshing that it is written by a teen for teens.  The author is a very smart and insightful young woman and I am looking forward to continuing to use the book and journal.  I wonder how many “adults” don’t think that a teen can know enough or have been through enough to know the meaning of those words on the cover let alone have a clue as to how to attain it all.  I would tell them to read the book and reserve judgement.  I do that with a lot of young authors I read.  I tell people to read the book, or the article or whatever it is.  Don’t worry about who wrote it.  Get the meaning first.  Then find out about the author.  I myself am always curious about a fellow writer so I find out about them first (even if it’s just off the book cover).

I am grateful that I have this book at this time of year.  As weird as this will sound I don’t think I would get as much out of it if I didn’t have the promise of Spring.  The weather is warming up and I can sit outside on a lot of days to read.  Things are feeling new and possible.  So as I make my way through the book I will share comments and insights.  I really like it so far.  That being said I think I will get back to it.  Cheers!

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