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Short and (yawwwn) Sweet

This will be another short one as I spent too long reading other peoples blogs.  Today feels busy now but there won’t be much to do at work.  And that is honestly fine with me.  I will catch up on paperwork and such.  It will also be another cold day, 18F as we speak.  And it was so nice this weekend…

I will be a bit of a zombie because I have actually been awake since around 5am before Stella threw up the tennis ball she had eaten (and when did this happen?!).  I wasn’t able to fall back asleep.  I’m sure this will hit me all once I get home tonight.  Come to think of it I didn’t really sleep much.  Every time I fell asleep it seems I started coughing.  The bedroom is wat too dry.  Or there is something wrong in there.  I don’t have the problem in the rest of the house but I try to sleep and I will get dry tickles in my throat or my throat will just get so dry that I start coughing and can’t breathe.  I did both last night.  Adding water to the air doesn’t seem to help.

I kept everyone (including myself) busy enough yesterday that we were all wiped out early last night.  I hated to leave Chris but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.  I’m not much better now.  Although that cold air hitting my face may help.  Lately I have been roasting at night.  Go to bed chilly and wake up a hot mess.  Lol

Ok.  Did a clock check.  I need to wrap up and get gone.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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