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Spring Fever and Sibling Rivalry

I’m not sure if this will work today.  Atleast I’m typing on my laptop.  Internet is very very sketchy this morning.  Yesterday seemed to be doggy drama day.  Someone(s) got into a tub of lard and ate the whole thing (not sure how this happened as I was at work).  Stella was the obvious choice as her head was covered in grease.  However Moose was sick for most of the night.  I gave him some pumpkin and that helped for a little bit.  Then there was the bite out of the rim of Essie’s frisbee.  Again Stella was the obvious choice as that is what she does.  Finding bits of the plastic rim by her did not help her cause.  However when looking at some of what Moose threw up last night his morning in daylight I found the fabric from the missing bite of the frisbee.  So.  And those are just the highlights…

My husband says it’s stemming from Spring Fever.  Mayhap, mayhap not.  I think I have been seen as giving too much attention to Stella and Moose is trying to get her in trouble.  Essie will contribute in her way as well.  She will nip at her while I’m not looking and I only see the response from Stella or she will start barking at something to get everyone riled up.  Dante is too old to care.  Sadly I think he found some sick and laid in it or Moose got sick on his head because when I went to scratch his head at breakfast there were chunks (I thought it was snow at first) on his head.  When they did not melt I smelled them and almost was sick myself.  I immediately washed my hands.  Gah!

This weekend is supposed to be very nice (50F +/-) so if that is indeed the case then the kids and I will spend as much time outside as we can.  If the last of the mess from our driveway disappears I may even take my motorcycle out.  (Giggity!)  The sun is already up and shiny brightly.  This is a very good sign!

Speaking of which since the moon is still close to full I wonder how much of the northern lights we will be able to see this weekend.  I may actually stay up waaaay past my usual bedtime to watch.  I enjoy things like that.  I haven’t been able to do things like that for years due to the constraints of my previous job.  Being able to have a life and do things again is such an amazing feeling!

Ack!  I just checked the temperature outside.  It might look all sunny and warm but it is 17F!  It was about that yesterday morning but overcast and very windy.  I spent most of the day outside as a matter of fact.  Froze my tush off.  Two of my transporters got stuck trying to get vehicles.  But we got them out and they did manage to get what they came for so that is good.

I’d better post this while the internet connection is still working.  I hope everyone has a great day!



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