Ill Tidings

Well today’s blog will be done on my phone because apparently my laptop can’t find the internet. Please don’t let the rest of my day be like this….

I got so much done yesterday with getting the house cleaned up! Master bathroom cleaned, ceilings and walls mostly cleaned (I didn’t move the big heavy stuff), floors done, dishes done, laundry done, played with the kids, talked to Dad in Montreal…

Then I took my shower and came out to Stella have eaten Essie’s frisbee. Number five in two weeks. Normally we only have to worry about when we leave the house. I guess not. From there on things went bad. And they are continuing this morning. Just little things to be sure but they seem to be piling up.

I decided to just do my running on my own right after work. I just want things done and me at home right now. I didn’t sleep well either. I think Stella let a present on the floor for the husband last night too by the sounds of it.

Time to go and face the rest of the day. May we all have good days today!

*No internet til just now so sorry for the late posting.

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