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That Time of Year Again

I will have to go through later and read more of everyone’s blogs.  I tried this morning and for whatever reason my laptop will bog down and take forever.  So here we are.  This morning I have Dante cuddled up next to me.  Again Moose and Essie are on the couch together leaving Stella alone on the loveseat.

Maybe I should’ve just read your blogs.  I am at a loss as to what to say this morning.  I need to get all four kids in for their yearly check ups.  Dante and Essie have some lumps I am not happy with.  So does Moose for that matter.  They are not the squishy lumps that the fatty ones feel like.  These are firm solid masses.  Stella needs her 3 year rabies shot and I need to remember to microchip her.  I seem to forget every time because I get so concerned about her other issues.

I am trying not to put the visit off because we might get bad news.  It’s difficult though.  Due to finances I will probably do them one at a time.  That is something I should do soon but I want to make sure I have bills taken care of.  I’m getting my head above water.  I don’t want to put myself behind again just to get it all done at once.  So maybe the month of April I will get everyone in.

Nuts.  Just looked at the clock.  I need to get myself together and get to work.  Hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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