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Hopes and Improvements

Today is thankfully a day off.  It seems I am better in the morning but as the afternoon wears on my switch is flipped and I go quickly in the other direction.  By 2-30-3pm I am wiped out and don’t function well.   Yahoo.  Oh well.  I will keep taking medicine and hope for the best.

I felt the urge to try writing some fiction this past weekend.  I don’t remember why I did not pick up my pen but I did not.  And now I am kicking myself.  I try to keep pen and paper handy wherever I go for just such an occasion.  I may try again this morning before the husband gets up.  For whatever reason I can’t concentrate while he games.  That is if he’s out here in the living room.  I used to be able to write wherever but not as much anymore.  One of my days off I should make a special trip to Traverse and just go sit at the bookstore coffee shop and write.  It has been a very long time since I’ve done that.

My dreams for the past few nights I have been riding my motorcycle.  Either he is calling to me or we are both desperate for Spring to get here.  I fell a fresh start for this riding season.  So much has happened and changed me that I am excited to see if I can make more headway with my riding.  Especially riding without anxiety.  That is my main hurdle I will get over this season.

I need to be drinking more water but this time of year water is colder than I want to drink all the time and the tea I have is caffeine free so I tend not to drink that until nighttime.  That leaves coffee as my go to beverage.  I try not to drink as much even if I am cold but some mornings it is difficult.  And water can taste so blah after so many glasses.  But I will keep plugging along and try again.

We have had Stella 11 months today.  Almost a year.  Where has the time gone?  She seems to have made her peace with the other three even though she and Essie will butt heads once in a while.  She is still strong and independent, even after what she went through before she came to us.  However I do notice some anger and anxiety issues that I am trying to help her with.  If she feels that she is being asked to do something she doesn’t want (like not allowed in unless she brings in the ball that she took out to go potty) she will sometimes raise her hackles because she is upset.  She does not get aggressive she just lets me know that she isn’t happy about it.  And this doesn’t happen all the time.  So since she seems to be going through her not-so-terrible-twos we are working on things as they happen.  We are working on playing as well.  She has learned the difference between rough housing and playing.  She tends to roughhouse more than play with her siblings.  But that being said she and the others will chase each other through the yard and play the occasional game of tug-o-war (which reminds me we need a new rope).  Progress is continually being made and I am grateful.

I should post this and get going with my to do list while I still have energy.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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