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Felling Better But Running Late

I guess I’m feeling … better?  Different?  Something has changed but I am not sure in which direction.  I know yesterday I didn’t tire as easily.  I treated myself to the current issue of Rue Morgue Magazine.  For those of you that don’t know Rue Morgue is one of the premiere magazines on everything horror.  They are based out of Toronto Canada.  I am calling their current issue the Michigan issue because they do an interview with the author of “Bird Box” (yes the Netflix phenomenon is based on a novel) Josh Malerman and they also review a story collection edited by a friend (“Ashes and Entropy” edited by Robert S. Wilson) who is also from Michigan.  I am very proud of both.

I seem to be moving at a slower pace than I realize.  I just glanced at the clock and I see that I am on the verge of running late.  I took the kids and we did running for about an hour and a half.  But I did get everything done.  I will have heat this morning.  That will be a welcome thing.  It is a bit crisp out there this morning.

Well I guess I will leave you of pictures of the kids snoozing and get myself geared up to head out for work.  Cheers!


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