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Broken Friendships, Racing and Green Beer

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  This morning I am feeling a bit heartbroken.  A very good friend of mine has told her best friend (no, not me) that she never wants to see or hear from her again due to a misunderstanding of beliefs.  Now my friend is very uncompromising in many aspects of her life.  She is in her 70s and very set in her ways.  She lives alone.  She does not make friends easily.  She and her best friend have been friends for many many years.  They were each others rock when there was no one else.  They would go to Detroit Tigers games together, have movie nights, take each other to doctors appointments…  All that just gone.  This is the second time my friend has done this to a close friend.  You can’t even mention that person’s name around her and you can see the gates closing down around her.

Truth is they need each other.  But my friend is cutting off her nose to spite her face and hurting them both.  And I don’t know what to do.  I should probably do nothing but this friendship needs a second chance.  So I guess that means I am going to try.  Hopefully it will not blow up in my face.

Apparently my cold is going for the “it has to get worse before it gets better” stance.  Even with medicine I’m not feeling better.  I need to pick more up when I go out this afternoon.  Since the sun is out I am hoping to take the kids and get them out for a bit.  Essie will probably stay home with her Daddy.

I spent most of my day yesterday watching F1 and motorcycle racing on tv.  There is a wonderful amount available.  Annoyingly I wanted to see Isle of Man but all those you had to pay for sooooo I was lucky enough to find “I, Superbike” and I am following BSB (British Super Bike) instead.  I have found that Stella enjoys watching the F1 racing but is rather indifferent to the bikes.  Although everyone was watching when I started yelling at the tv.

One thing that bothers me is the skills that most of these racers have is amazing.  But it always comes down to the almighty dollar (or pound or … you get the idea).  If there are two guys on a team and one has to go it is not keep the better rider it is keep the one who brings in the better sponsors.  And for me that is sad because that is a waste of good talent.  How many riders had to give up a career because of money?

Track days aren’t going to necessarily be cheap for me either.  But hopefully if I time it right the first time I will be able to borrow a set of leathers and rent some race tires for atleast the day.  I have a friend who races in the CSBK (Canadian Superbike Championship) and it’s not an easy thing.  He is a very good racer but he’s also got to promote himself like crazy off the track.  Fortunalty I can never have enough racing goodies so I do my best to support him by buying tees and such when he has them.  (For anyone who wants to follow and support him he’s Louie Raffa #76.)

Well this seems so be me bouncing all over the place for topics.  And I am getting a bit longer than normal.  Sorry about that.  Hope everyone has a great day and for those celebrating St. Patty’s Day don’t drink too much green beer!  Cheers!

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