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Dirty Snow Is a Beautiful Thing

We have reached the “dirty” part of the season.  It is the transition from the mounds of snow to the green green grasses of home.  We are dirty snow in various chunks and clumps through the yards.  It is not only dirty but slushy.  And I am ok with that.  It is going to be up around 51F and rain off and on.  That means the snow is going.  And it can get gone!  I long to work in the gardens, play with the dogs (running around more than just in the house)… to just be outside and enjoy life!

For me this part of the season is so full of promise and hope.  All that dirt, that will grow things.  All that snow that is melting will not only feed plants but will fill our lakes, rivers and ponds.  As the snow disappears the earth is revealed.  She is scantily clad to be sure.  You can see her curves.  You can see her “flaws” as well as the beauty she is to become.

We seem to be melting the large quantity of snow we have faster than it can absorb itself back into the surroundings so we are in a flood watch through tonight.  I look and see all the water that will end up back in out water ways for the Spring and Summer and I am happy.  Truth be told that is why I keep coming back to make my home in Michigan.  I need to have both the water and the trees.  That is one of the reasons I was so happy in Monterey.  For whatever reason I am happiest when I am with trees and water.  Closer to Nature?  I’m not sure.  In both places I had my Monarch butterflies.  In both places I had waves crashing on the beach.  In both places I had big strong trees to hide in.  (And yes in both places I also had my husband but that is another post.)

So despite the grey of the day the kids and I will probably be spending as much time as we can outside today.  Maybe clean off the deck and look for missing toys as well.  The other upside is with all this activity we will sleep well tonight.  Cheers!

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