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Early Morning Thoughts

Well here it is 6:30am.  I am sooooo gonna kick myself for getting up this early.  On the flip side the article is written (I need to get a name because I managed to get the paper wet and the name smeared).  Once I get the name I need then I can type it into the article and then send it in.

The kids were kept busy yesterday so hopefully they will continue to sleep after I’ve left for work.  As of right now work shouldn’t be too bad.  Depending on what is at the lot I should be able to keep busy.  I think it should be a good day.

Well the results for the first MotoGP of the season were not as bad as I feared.  Rossi made it up to 5th from 14th position and Dovi won!  I am very happy with that.  It sounded like it was an amazing race.  I am glad the season is starting out so well.

Ok.  I need to get it together because I need to make sure my car is cleaned off.  This will be the first time for a long time that it will be in the dark.  I am used to having daylight.  I have to say I am a bit concerned about being by myself at the lot in the dark.  I hadn’t really thought about it until now.  I don’t think I will do muck outside the office until the sun comes up.

Have a good day!


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