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Keeping Warm

I am shivering as I write this.  The wind blew out the furnace last night.  I did get it relit but it is going to take some time to get the house back up to temperature.  My hands are frozen.  Dante is stretched out on the floor in front of me but the other three are behind me under blankets.  Moose has been my shadow since we got up.  Won’t leave my side.  It was warmer out yesterday but the temperature drop changed rain to ice and snow.  I hope the vehicle doors are not frozen shut.  I wonder how busy work will be.  It’s interesting to me that it doesn’t matter what the weather does anymore.  Being just down the road from work helps.  But you’d think it would be a big deal since I work a lot of my day outside.


What will bother me is this time change.  One clock says 8:45am when it is now 9:45am.  I “slept in” later than normal.  Part of me feels like I’m chasing my tail but the other part is saying it’s no big deal.  I am going to have to set an alarm for tomorrow morning though.  My internal clock will be off an hour.   I hope it doesn’t take long to readjust.  I hate waking everyone up with an alarm.

The next two days will be busy for me.  After work tomorrow I have a meeting that night and the next morning to cover.  They are usually interesting.  To me atleast.  I have to make sure that I put things up tomorrow night so that I don’t come home to a mess.  The kids won’t be happy with me being gone twice in one day.  Little blessings.


Today is race day but it is a night race because they are in Qatar so I only know qualifying results.  I am anxious to see what unfolds.  Qualifying was a bit of a shocker as my racer Valentino Rossi was doing well in the free practice he qualified 14th on the grid.  I’m not sure what happened there.  His teammate got pole position.  On the positive side my other Italian rider Andrea Dovizioso has second position on the grid.  Both riders tend to do well at this track so we will see what happens!  Next Sunday I should have race results for the Formula 1 season opener to share.  I love it when I have racing every weekend to look forward to!

The furnace has been going for almost an hour and I don’t feel any warmer.  I suppose I’d better go find something to warm me up like coffee or some oatmeal.  Cheers!

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