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A Day Off…. ❤️

The machine is going very very slow.  I should do a systems scrub I guess.  It will have to wait until I am done this morning.  Although I am tempted to do it now.  We were actually up at our normal time.  I never thought I would be a morning person!  I can still stay up late and enjoy it (the key to being a night or a day person is enjoying whichever time you are awake, not just being able to do it) but I find myself doing more in the early morning instead of late at night.  I know some of it is quiet me time.  Everyone is asleep and quiet.

I am so very grateful for my weekend off.  I have been so busy between running round and working both jobs this past week.  It will be nice to stay home and just be.  Chris is sick again so he will be home all weekend too.  This winter has been really bad for him getting sick.  Some times I worry that there is something more wrong.

I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my time this weekend.  I need to do my article but what do I want to do with the rest of the time?  I had a good talk with Dad last night.  It was only for maybe 2 hours or so (which is a short time for us) because his right hip was hurting.  He fell three times the other day on ice.  He is still doing physical therapy for his new left hip so I asked if he said something to them about his fall and he said yes.  I was able to say good when he continued with he wasn’t sure if she understood him because her English wasn’t very good.  I told him I was concerned that what they had him doing would mess up his right hip more if it was injured.  He goes to his GP on Wednesday and has promised to have a long talk with her about things.  And she understands English.

Oh!  A bit of good news!  I am proud to announce my first front page feature article!  I am very grateful the paper took a chance and gave me the assignment!


I need to keep a forward momentum so I am doing queries for magazine articles.  Speaking of which that is something I can do this weekend as well.  Send out a few queries.

This weekend is the beginning of race season for me so you may be learning more than you want about MotoGP and F1.  MotoGP (motorcycles) is this weekend in Qatar and next weekend is F1 (cars) in Melbourne.   For those of you who follow these racing venues feel free to share info and such.  Those of you that don’t follow them feel free to ask questions and comment.  I will try to limit my racing posts to once a week (unless something dramatic happens).

I have covered up the kids so that should get me a little longer to do whatever.  I hope everyone has a good day!  Cheers!



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