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Not Much

No sleep last night.  Too much going on today.  I want to just come straight home after work but things keep popping up on my list that have to be done.  I am not going anywhere this weekend.  I will work on my article and that will be it.  I still haven’t heard about my query.  It will be two weeks Sunday.  If I haven’t heard anything by then I think I’ll submit queries to other places.

I hope today goes smoothly.  It is going to be a busy morning.  I feel like I’ve been going all week.  My feature article will be in my hands today.  I will be rather excited.  This will be my first front page piece.  I will have to send out copies to various family members who have requested it.

It is supposed to warm up this weekend.  I will believe it when I feel it.  And no replacement snow!  I keep clock watching because I feel like I don’t have enough time for everything, despite getting up earlier than normal.  I suppose this is all I have to be honest.  I will be more relaxed and wordy tomorrow morning.  Thank you for reading!

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