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Going Slow in a too Fast World

This weather needs to move on.  Tempers are flaring from every direction.  The beauty of the weather no longer matters to most of us.  Being cold, having to brush off your car every time you use it, waking up every morning to new layers of snow… it’s all old.  Even some of the die hards I have talked to are ready for it to all go away.

I found myself angry this morning just by looking out the window.  Another 3-4 inches of snow had arrived over night.  Again.  Road rage is becoming more common because no one wants to drive in it anymore so they try to drive like it’s not there.  Which doesn’t always work.  The pups want to be out and play but it just gets too cold once the wind picks up.  So they do business and shiver at the door to come in.

Despite this I did take some photos this morning.  I liked the colors (that of course didn’t show up well if at all in the pictures… I really need to get the battery for the Cannon) with the rising sun.  By the looks of things it’s a good thing I did take those pictures.  The sun is gone and clouds have moved in.


I am beginning to wonder if I should take a photograph class.  I really enjoy taking photos and I can manage to get some pretty awesome ones sometimes.  I remember when Mom did that.  She has gotten some beautiful photos over the years.  What I will miss out on will be learning to develop my own film.  Mom got taught that.  I would like to learn to do it as well.  Digital is all well and good but when you have no electricity or internet…  This is also why most of my books are actual books and why most of my writing takes place on paper before it goes into a computer or phone.  I am a very hands on person.  Tactile I believe is the word.  I want to touch and smell the writing.  I love the smell of an old well loved book!  I enjoy holding the book in my hands and turning the pages.  I like the sound the paper makes when I turn the page.

So much has changed to make things faster and easier that it has made us lazy and unappreciative.  We want things fast and now and perfect.  We don’t want to make mistakes because it takes too long.  Nevermind that it is part of the learning process.  We don’t have time to learn.  We don’t have time to earn our knowledge.  We are expected to absorb our knowledge and put it to use almost as soon as we acquire it.  I guess that is why I tend to shy away from some classes.  They offer to teach you such a vast topic in such a small amount of time.  How can you do that?  That is not a complete education in any sense.  I am one who prefers to learn on my own because I can take my time and absorb the information at a slower rate so I actually retain the information.

I enjoy driving a stick shift because of it’s complexity.  I have to pay attention, be in the moment.  Same with riding a motorcycle.  You have to be aware of what it going on around you.  Some times it can be like chess.  You are watching another driver and you have to try to guess what their next few moves are going to be before you try to pass them.  I enjoy the challenge.  Some of the time.  Many times anymore I just want to get where I need to be safely because the drivers are doing everything but driving.

I should get writing on my other site.  Cheers!

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