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Check One Off the Bucket List

I am happy to say I have one thing partially checked off my bucket list.  I signed up for SCUBA diving lessons that start in June.  Annoyingly there is a marine archaeology dive in Toledo, Ohio at the end of the month that I would  love to go on.  I am finally using the gift certificates that Mom got us a few years ago.  It should have been a quick in and out deal but it turns out that the guy who helped me rides motorcycles (sportbikes to be specific) and thus began an hour long conversation on bikes and riding.  I had my Rossi hat on and it was so cool to have someone know who that was!


I spent a few hours with Mom and her two girls.  We had a good time together.  So much so that I was almost running late for my appointment.  I ended up borrowing a travel mug to take me tea with me.  I also got to pick up my Minion quilt.  I LOVE my Minion quilt!


I also received some Pitty stickers for my car all the way from Canada!  Britich Columbia to be exact.  We “met” through a mutual motorcycle racing friend online.  He noticed my love for Pitties and offer to send the sticker.  All you can really see is white so I won’t share a picture until they are on the car but they say “Hello Pitty” and the picture is of a Pitty with a pink bow on her head.  I am not going to attempt putting them on until it warms up.

Essie can’t figure out where she wants to sleep.  She was next to her sister on the loveseat behind me but keeps walking around.  I guess she decided to ruck up the blankets on the dog bed and try there.  I’m not sure if I should give her her frisbee before I leave or not.  When I got home after running last night Stella had eaten part of her brand new one.  As well as a wooden rod that was holding up a curtain.  I have a bad feeling that if both of us are gone Stella has anxiety issues.  It’s a good thing that we still have the old pen up.

Ok.  I’d better get it together and get layering.  It’s another cold one.  Cheers!

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