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Another Day

Frustration is the name of the game it seems.  I have my article halfway written and I am missing a good chunk of history.  The Historical Society has given me what they have but what I need isn’t there.  The wonderful gal helping me is going to do some extra leg work for me. Bless her!  It is -3F out right now.  I work in a small old trailer with only a propane heater.  The high is supposed to be 9F with snow.  I have as many layers as I can and I hope that there won’t be a lot of vehicles to clean out.  I don’t want to be outside more than I need to be today.  Which means I will probably be outside a lot.  This weekend it seems as though the harder I try the worse it is.

So I apologize for the not so up beat post.  I don’t feel good and today would’ve been a good day to stay home.  I hope that the day goes well.  For all of us.  Atleast I can come straight home and stay home today after work.  Tomorrow I am doing some running in town.  I hope to be home by 4pm.  And have some good news.

I got everything packed up last night for work.  As cold as it is going to be I not only have extra layers to wear but I am bringing my supercharger for both the work tablet and my phone.  The last time it got this cold the batteries on both of them died rapidly and  I need them both running in order to do my job.  I’m also making a thermos of coffee to take as well as my usual travel mug.  I’m not sure how long it will stay warm but it is better than nothing.

I’d better get going.  Dressing will take a few minutes longer today.  I hope everyone has a good day.  Cheers!

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