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Post Card Memories

I feel a bit out of it this morning.  We stayed up late (for us) and it was a very emotional day for me.  Not only with personal things going on but I am worried about my Mother-in-law because she is going to have to undergo another surgery to repair her heart.  (Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while might remember that she had a lung removed this past Fall.)  I am also worried that Stella may have had a small seizure the other night.

I never did work on the article yesterday.  Every time I tried it didn’t work.  So that will be on the agenda for today.  I am in a better head space today so hopefully I can get a first draft and then get it sent it tomorrow afternoon when I get home from work.

The kids are all asleep around me.  The girls are behind me on the love seat, Dante on the floor in front of me and Moose on a pile of blankets on the couch.  Mail finally showed up yesterday so I was able to deposit my check.  I also got a lovely little note and card from one of my writing mentor’s daughter.

Many many moons ago I purchased a hardback book called “Making a Literary Life: Advice for Writers and Other Dreamers” by Carolyn See.  One of the things she suggests that you do is write one charming note to someone you admire in your chosen field and tell them how much you enjoy their work etc.  Don’t ask for anything.  Just a little love note (if you will).  Taking her words to heart I sent her my first charming note.

I had to send it via email because I did not have a physical address for her.  Her reply was to send me her actual address with the words “A real note please! xxx”.  I still have that email (I printed it up) and it is folded up in that book.  We corresponded every once in a while.  She would send me post cards from her book releases as well as that of her daughter (both of her daughters actually write but only one is an author).  I will still get little book release post cards from her daughter Lisa See.

I pulled the book out yesterday and started reading it again.  When I went to get mail there was a post card from Lisa announcing her new novel “The Island of Sea Women”.  That made me smile.  I was sad to see that Carolyn had passed away in 2016.  We had sporadic correspondence so I wasn’t surprised not to hear anything for a while.  But I never thought about her being gone.  So in memory of Carolyn I will send her daughter a charming note and tell her thank you for all the post cards she has sent over the years.  It’s nice to be remembered.

I didn’t intend to go on like that.  Ahh well.   If you have someone you admire tell them.  It will make both of you feel good!

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