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There Is a Bright Spot and I Will Find It!

There is no sun this morning.  As a mater of fact it is snowing again.  It is like Mother Nature is rubbing my nose in the fact that I promised to stay up here for a few more years to be with family.  Yesterday I was busy pretty much from when I got to work til I left.  I didn’t stress.  I made a lot of friends.  When I was done I had a feeling of accomplishment.  I felt good about things.  And today… today I’m not feeling it.  I slept in a little.  Both the kids and I were restless so we got up.

I find myself looking around and starting to panic.  There is much to be done.  I feel fear from not knowing what is paid and what isn’t.  My auto-withdraws are taking their time.  I don’t want to go to pay someone to find out it will bounce.  Mail hasn’t shown up and I am waiting on a check there.

As a bit of a gift to myself I decided to do my hair.  I haven’t really done much since before Thanksgiving.  I felt dark.  So I decided to go back to a brighter blonde.  And boy did I!  I seem to have fallen from a bright spot in the sun.  It is much lighter than I had intended.  I am not sure what I think about it yet.  For those of you familiar with “Game of Thrones” I have taken to calling myself the Mother of Dragons.  It is that light.

So even the good is making me anxious.  I did get some much needed background for the article I’m writing.  It will help a lot.  I’m not sure if more information is forthcoming so I need to touch base with my source to see.  I need to work on the article today but I am afraid to due to how I feel.  I probably will anyway.  Atleast get it roughed out.

Laugh if you will but I am seriously considering starting to go tanning again.  It helped me a lot when I was still at Younkers during the long winter months.  There was a handful of us that would go on our lunches.  And no we didn’t go together.  It wasn’t the camaraderie that helped.  It was the Vitamin D.  And if things don’t improve I may need to start looking around here and see what is available.  I need the sunshine.

I want to say thank you to everyone reading this.  You folks have been a great support not just with the emotional stuff I go through but my writing as well.  I am proud to say that as of right now I have 211 followers on this blog.  It might not seem like a big deal reading and clicking that like button every once in a while.  It means a lot to this little writer to know that there are people out there willing to take time out of their day to read what I write.  Thank you!

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