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Off to a Busy Start!

Welcome to March!  This will be a bit short today as I am running behind.  Or atleast I feel like it.  The computer is running slow so it has taken forever for things to load.  I looked to see what I had today at work and  I have almost 10 pick ups of various kinds today.  I am gonna be busy!

I got a call from the Elk Rapids Historical Society yesterday.  A wonderful lady (who also writes on occasion for the paper as it turns out) is doing some research for me for my article.  I am super stoked!  I could find nothing online and since the owner knew nothing much of the history I was on my own.  Thank goodness for Historical Societies!!!!

So the plan this weekend is to go over the history of the place and what the new owner is doing to the new building and massage it into a feature article for Monday.  Then I can send it in and we have a few days for any changes.  I don’t think the owner trusts me to write this article.  That’s ok.  I’ll do the best I can and that is all I can do.

I am concerned from all the loud cracks that have been coming from the ceiling the past few days.  It’s like big chunks of ice breaking off.  Loud cracks.  But it is in the middle parts of the roof.  Not the edges where something might fall off.  I just heard one over my office.

Ok friends… I’d better get moving so I can get an early start at work!  Have a great day and here’s to a warmer March!

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