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Another morning has dawned.  As I took some pictures for here I was surprised at the fact that as clean and clear as my phone camera was it still could not pick up the subtleties that I saw with my eyes and wanted to share with you all.  I could see the gentle shades of the soft yellow, orange, purple and blue shading but the camera could not.  Nor could I capture the contrast of the white hard frost on the many branches and limbs with the darkness of those branches and limbs without pulling in the picture close enough that you could only see that.  It reminds me that I need to replace the battery in my Mom’s old Cannon camera and learn to use it.

Whereas the weather may be crisp and cold outside all is warm and fuzzy inside.  I got a lot done yesterday and got home around 3:45pm exhausted.  Cold too come to think of it.  I did a lot of work outside and I had a hard time warming up once I got home.  But that is ok.  I am very happy to be able to do physical work outside again.  The stress from my previous job went right to my back to the point that there were times I could hardly move because it hurt.  I had a hard time riding my motorcycle or even taking care of the dogs (I wasn’t able to set their bowls down or pick them up some days).  I am excited about being able to work in my gardens relatively pain free this year.  I can say that because with the amount of hauling and heavy lifting that I have done in the two weeks I’ve been at my new job I haven’t had any problems.  No strains or pulls.  No limping around the next day.  All the shoveling I did I was sure I would pay for it the next day.  Nope.  Right as rain.  After almost 5 years of back continual back problems I can’t tell you how awesome this is!

Today will be spent doing research on the feature article I’m writing.  I did my interview yesterday after work (I should probably say my first job).  I think everyone including the man I was interviewing was concerned as to whether or not having me writing this piece is a good idea.  I’m not sure what kind of questions he expected me to ask or how in depth he wanted me to be.  Be that as it may I am still excited to do the piece and I think it will turn out well.

Many fun things happened yesterday on my other writing site.  I got entered into a special drawing, I got recognized for my interaction on the site with others… I was flattered!  It was also very unexpected because I was only able to do this before work yesterday.  I normally try to do something every day on there as well.  And I feel that I should be doing more on that site so being recognized for what I am doing is nice.

I’d better stop here and get going with my research.  I’m hoping to get the article written by this weekend.  That way if there is anything that needs to be changed there will be time.  Enjoy your day!  Cheers!


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