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More Snow???

I feel harried and rushed this morning.  I have to get to work and clean out a vehicle that will be picked up some time today.  After that I have to put some gas in the car and haul butt to an interview for the article I’m writing in Elk Rapids.  Did I mention the heaps on snow that fell overnight?  I don’t know if I’m going to have to dig out the gate at work again or not.  I hope not but…

I don’t like feeling like I’m behind the 8 ball right out of the gate when I get up.  This opens my mind to other worries which then take root and blossom.  I found a hard lump on Dante yesterday.  It is about the size of an avocado pit and as hard as a rock.  Not squishy like the benign lumps the dogs get as they age.  It had to have grown quickly because it wasn’t there the other day.  Essie seems to have acquired more of the squishy lumps lately.  I need to get them both in.

Atleast I was feeling good when I went to bed last night.  I’m rereading “A Year By the Sea” almost in one gulp.  I am making myself stop every few chapters.  Everything seems to fit my situation so I want to devour it all.  It has been one of my favorite books.  I keep it in the bookshelf beside the bed for emergencies.

Beautiful.   I just checked the weather.  Yet another winter weather advisory.  This one until 5pm.  2-5 inches of snow.  Well we already have that so my drive to Elk Rapids should be interesting.  I’m glad I have my Jeep.  I’m also glad my first job is right down the street!

The kids were so weird last night when we went to bed.  I had all three dogs have to lay beside me.  Essie curled up by my head and shoulders, Moose along my side and hips while Stella curled up along my calves and feet.  Chris’s side of the bed was completely empty.  Dante mostly stayed in the living room.  Normally he comes in the bedroom with us.

Ok, I just looked at the clock and I need to boogie.  I will share a pic of the mess outside.  Cheers!


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