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Finding the Balance

Well the weather has calmed down so we have internet which means I can actually post today.  I have no idea when yesterdays post went up.  I tried from a few different places that supposedly had wifi but no joy.  So I’m sorry I didn’t read anyone’s blogs yesterday.  I did read some this morning though.

I did a lot of shoveling yesterday, both emotional and physical.  It took the heavy physical activity to help get through the inside mess.  I find myself deleting a lot this morning.  I’m still trying to figure out if I have a meeting to cover today or not.  They posted that the 7pm meeting is on.  Then a post right behind that they cancelled the 10am one.  When I messaged them they said that the 10am on replaces the 7pm one through March.  So why post that there was a 7pm one?  I’m trying to get a straight answer.  I will call them once they open and then call my editor.

I am also doing the front page feature article for the newspaper next week.  My editor called yesterday and asked if I could.  I am both excited and apprehensive.  I do my interview after work tomorrow and that should give me enough time to get the article written.  I will post a picture of the article when it is published.

My mailbox will be busy soon.  My aunt in Florida is sending me a book and a friend of a friend is sending me Pitty stickers for my car.  I am very excited for both.  The Pitty stickers are just because he noticed my love for Pittys.  Which I thought was too sweet.  I will share photos when I get the stickers as well.  Those may take longer since they are coming from Canada.

The pups were huge cuddle bugs last night.  Essie stretched out the length of me (after wedging between Moose and I) some time in the wee hours.  She NEVER does that!  Stella at one point was sleeping on me (still not sure how that happened).  Crazy pups!  This morning the girls are actually sleeping together.  Essie hasn’t been happy being around Stella the past few days.   I don’t know if she thinks she’s getting too much attention or what.  So I’m glad to see them together.


Well I’d better get going and make some phone calls to see what my plans are (if any) today.  Cheers!

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