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Happiness, Because I Can

I am happily surprised at the amount of positive I feel right now.  Last night was full of rain and two scared dogs (it seems that once any of our dogs get to 9 years and older the simpler things like a steady rain on the AC unit scares them… no idea why).  Not much steady sleep but really that is ok.  I have gotten up and I have my day planned out before me.  I have things to accomplish forward directions to move.

I got things done yesterday (we made our first batch of the apple treats we sell and the testers agreed that they were indeed good) but it didn’t fill me.  I didn’t feel as though I was moving forward.  I felt as if I was getting things done to do them.  So I could sigh and proclaim, “Finally!  This is done!”


This morning I am doing and happy about it.  I’m not sure why the change (the fact that we got rain instead of snow and the snow we have is melting?  the fact that I can smell Spring in the air when I let the dogs out?) but I am grateful for it.  I have taken care of a few little things once the kids were up.  Some major projects will have to wait until Chris gets up.

It is like someone flipped a switch and I am happy again.  I know that the bad stuff is there and I look at it, even touch it to make sure it is real (that’s when I can feel the anxiety slowly roll towards me like a tail of fresh lava) but that doesn’t change the happiness and positive feelings.  Now I fully realize this may or may not change but I am going to bask in it for as long as I can.  I have missed being happy and believing in myself.

I hope each one of you finds atleast one thing to be truly happy about today.  Cheers!



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