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This morning is going to be hard.  The guy training me had to leave for downstate last night and today I’m not only flying solo but I’m also doing things I’ve not been trained for yet.  I just hope I can get it right.  I’m supposed to get paid this week but I don’t know when.  I’m going to have to call to talk to some people about bills today.  There just isn’t enough money and the kids have run out of medicine.  Depending on what my paycheck looks like I may or may not end up going for a third job.  I was hoping not but…

I am trying to get a positive attitude.  Yesterday there was nothing to do so I was able to do some writing and reading.  I came up with an article idea and wrote the first draft as well as came up with places to query for it.  I am so scared that things won’t work out.  The shifts I’m working are perfect, the ability to still write for the paper makes me happy.  It’s the money (or lack thereof) that is ruining it all.  I had the happy balance this week.  Until this morning.

This may be short just because I want to leave early to get everything ready at work.  Everything should calm down there after 11am or so.  I hope.  If not atleast I will keep busy.  A lot of the little things got accomplished (like fixing up the office) yesterday in the down time.

The kids are all snoozing.  They have been so good all week about letting Chris sleep when I am gone.  I am very proud of them.  I need to make their treats this weekend.  I have been trying to keep up with the housework and I haven’t had the time to make them.  I may try a new flavor or maybe just make a double batch and do two flavors.  I will do more if I get any treat orders.  I had a few people who were going to order today because it is payday.  I hope they do.  If I can get three people to order three bags then I can get the medicine for the kids.  Then I wouldn’t have to worry for two weeks.

Ok.  Enough of my worrying.  Thanks for listening.  Til tomorrow!

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