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Feeling Hopeful About Me

Somehow yesterday’s post was posted but didn’t post.  I’m not sure either.  Hopefully from here on out I can keep my normal morning routine.   I am so very very tired.  Part of the problem is that instead of getting steady sleep from 9pm on I was awakened every hour to hour and a half by Stella barking at something.  I don’t know what.  Then Essie decided that she wanted to get up at 6am like we did yesterday.  I got her to lay back down until almost 7am.  I think I gave up at quarter to.

We had quite the ice storm last night after I got home.  I walked out to my car to put my wipers up and by the time I got back in my dry hair had a thin coat of ice on it.  Maybe a quarter inch or so.

I think today will be a bit of a boring day at work and that is ok.  There is nothing else I have to do to catch up with tasks nor is there anything to straighten in the office.  I have accomplished all that.  So I may be reading a book.  We have no deliveries or pick ups scheduled.  Unless something got picked up last night.  I’ll see when I get there at 8am.

I am looking forward to this weekend.  The only thing I have to do is read a story and give my critique for a writing friend.  She asked me yesterday if  I would and I told her if she could wait til the weekend I would be glad to.  Chris has the weekend off as well so we can spend some time together.  We see each other for maybe an hour anymore.  And that’s ok.  Makes the time we have mean a bit more.

I managed to do all the laundry last night before I fell asleep.  The only thing not put away is the load of jeans in the dryer.  Which was fine because my jeans were in the last load.  I do need to switch out dishes tonight from the dishwasher.  I also need to make the kids treats.  I’m dragging my feet til this weekend if I can.

The only really bust day for me next week will be Wednesday again.  Tuesday night I have another meeting that I’m covering so I will get up early the next morning and crank it out and send it in.  Then go to work.  Won’t be much sleep since it’s another night meeting and I’m not sure how early to get up to give myself enough time.  6am wasn’t early enough this week.  I hate the thoughts of 5:30am.  I’ll play it by ear and see.

Well I ought to start getting ready to go.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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