Day 2 with a Day 1 Recap

Today’s blog is late because I ran out of time before work despite getting up at 6:15am.  I wrote and sent in my article before work.  I had no urge to do it last night once I got home.  I just wanted to settle in with the kids for a bit before bed.  As it was I did laundry and dishes before bed.

My first day was fun and laid back.  The job isn’t that hard and easy to learn.  I get to be outside (I will reap this reward come summer because right now it is cold and miserable out) and active.  The hours also allow me to keep writing for the paper.  For that I am extremely grateful.  Apparently the readers like my work because once people found out who I was at the meeting last night (one of the Council members decided to introduce me to EVERYONE in the middle of the meeting) I received many compliments.  That made me feel really good.  It wasn’t just my editor or friends and family patting me on the back.  These were strangers who read my work and liked it.  Rather like doing this blog.

Not much sleep was had last night due to the meeting lasting until 8:30pm but I was able to get everything accomplished that I needed.  And as I am happily home, showered and relaxing I am going to make this short.  I should be able to do this at my regular time tomorrow.  See you there!

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