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The Next Big Step

Well today is the day.  In about an hour I’ll be headed out the door for work.  I’ve only just started getting anxious so this is a good thing.  And I feel excitement in there too, another plus.  Yesterday I pretty much was going the whole time.  I put 160 miles (give or take) on the car.  The car also rolled over 100,000 miles while we were out.  He is my third car to do so.

The kids and I ran to Elk Rapids to get the paperwork for tonight’s meeting then back home.  Stella got sick just before we left.  I managed to get her out of the car before she threw up.  I decided I’d pick up the kibble when I was out doing the drug screening.  We got home around 10:45am or so.  I waited til a little after 12pm then headed back out the door to go to Petoskey for my drug test.  I wasn’t sure where I was going so I used Google maps.  Joke was on me because it took me 25 miles out of my way and I had to stop for gas on the way.  I got there late but that didn’t seem to be a problem.  I had to put more gas in on the way home (I had a quarter tank left to begin with and I had hoped to use the last of my money for kibble for the kids).  Since that took over half of what I had left in the bank I loaded up the car with bottles and cans (we get 10 cents a container when we return them here in Michigan) and headed to the grocery store to return the lot.  From there I headed to Tractor Supply to get the kibble.  I finally got home to stay around 4pm.  I was able to say good bye to Chris before he left for work because he was leaving as I was loading the car.

Today I hope to have enough gas to get to work and to the meeting and back tonight.  The meeting is now at 6pm instead of 7pm so I will need to leave earlier.  The meeting might last as long as 10:30pm.  I hope I get out of work at a decent hour so I can spend some time at home before I gotta run again.  Stella has had tummy problems all night so I don’t know how she will do when I am gone for work.  She got me up last night so she could go out.  I was grateful.

I went to bed early last night but did not fall asleep until late.  I don’t feel like I got enough sleep, but I normally do that when I am awake before I want to be.  I need more coffee.  I’m not sure if I should bring something to eat or not.  I guess I’ll wait til I get home.  My hands smell like WD-40.  Our sliding glass door is sticking again so I tried to spray the bottom slider but the can didn’t want to spray much of anything despite being half full.

I guess I ought to finish this and go try to get ready.  Cheers!

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