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Dreaming and Living the Dreams

We slept in this morning  I’m not sure if this was a good idea or not but we did.  I am a bit groggy.  The kids are all back to snoozing around me.  We slept in because I earned it.  I spent about two hours filling out paperwork online for a job I start Tuesday.  It is a part time job right here in town and with the hours I will be working I will still be able to write for the paper.  Money is a concern but if this month is any indication I might be able to swing it writing for the paper.  I should keep sending out queries to other publications as well but for right now I think we might be ok.

Nuts.  I am having a time trying to focus.  I get going on something then mind gets distracted by something else and stays there losing where I was.

I did start my pile of books yesterday.  It’s interesting to see how they are all dovetailing for me right now.  It’s almost like I am reading from the same book with different authors instead of six different books.  I just need to keep reading.  I have this bad habit of not following through.  Things get better so I start to drift away from what is helping instead of following through to see how better things can get.  Not just stopping and going in another direction.  Follow the path to the end… or the beginning as it may be.

I need to get my little treat shop going as well.  I decided to start taking orders as of today.  I have the ingredients for all three flavors I am offering so I should be good.  I’d like to make them as they order them right now.  If I get enough clientele then I may start baking in bulk but for now I’m not.

I really wish this snow would go away.  The cold too.  I miss my motorcycles.  It is heartbreaking to see them under a few feet of snow.  And an unfinished garage across the way.  I need to get some seat time this year.  If I can do that then I will try for a track day next year.  If they are doing the all female track day this year I may go down and make some friends.  There is so much I need to learn!

Damn!  There it is!  July 5th!  Ladies Motorcycle Track Day at Grattan Raceway!   If I can get that day off maybe I can ride down on Rogue.  The Black Pearl will be my track bike.  She needs to be gone through and modified (headlight taped over, wire cage around her, turn signals taped etc.) and I need some new gear but that can be taken care of between now and next season.  Last time I was going to head down the ladies generously offered me the use of their gear to get on the track.  If I can learn to scuba dive this summer surely I can build up my riding skills and look into track days right?

Well I’d better come back to the here and now for a bit.  Time to go and get some more writing done.  Cheers!


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