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Bad Weather, Good Books

I painted my toe nails last night.  I did a bit of Mardi Gras/Spring theme.  I also pulled out a bunch of books on creativity.  I thought that I’d pulled too many (six all together) but when I tried to cull some out it just wasn’t happening.  So I have six.  I started reading  “The Creativity Book” by Eric Maisel (one of my favorite authors for creativity and writing, I cannot recommend him enough) first.  I have had the book since it was first published and still haven’t used it as it was meant to be used.  It is designed as a year long workshop in which you have one project you are focusing on.  I get through a few weeks and then start to thumb through the rest of the book to find out what is there.  The book was published in 2000 so that’s almost 20 years of not using it “right.”  So for the first time I’m going to go through and see what happens.  I am tempted to pull out other books of his that I have but I need to focus, not be bouncing from one to the other.

Next I grabbed my beat up copy of “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke.  This is a very special book for me because my Mom got it for me the year after I graduated to try to help me keep writing.  She even inscribed it for me.  This is the first book she got me about being a writer (my first book on how to write was “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg and she got me that as well).  It was a used copy when I received it and I loved it all the more for that.  This book has been with me in all my travels.

I have “Gifts From the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindberg (also from Mom) and “A Year by the Sea” by Joan Anderson.  I talked about both books in a earlier blog but never got around to pulling them out.  I also have the companion book to “A Year by the Sea” called “A Weekend to Change Your Life” by the same author.  She made such an impact with her book that she began doing retreats similar to what she did in her first book.  I’ve gone through it once, many years ago.  I am tempted to pull out a similar book that is based around yoga but I need to not go overboard here.

The last book I grabbed was “The Woman’s Book of Soul” (another from Mom) by Sue Patton Thoele.  This one is nice because it’s kind of like a book of days.  You don’t read it from front to back.  Each page is a different theme or topic.  You can either open the book at random and read of you can look up a topic that you want to focus on such as transforming fear, listening deeply or cultivating optimism.  I have a few books that family and friends have gotten my over the years that are a daily page read like this.  One of my favorites is one that my Dad got me that uses Cherokee beliefs and daily meditation.  I am tempted to pull some out at random and read what they say about today.  Some deal with specific dates (something new to think about every day) and some deal with topics that you pick yourself.

The last two in the pile are my journal (yes I am a big Supernatural fan) and my current reading (I have a soft spot for werewolves).

The snow is coming down in big flakes like someone’s feather pillow has exploded in front of a fan.  I guess this is as good a time as any to try to get started on my book pile.  If I feel ambitious I’ll take photos and add them on my Goodreads list.  But for now I will focus on gleaning the knowledge from them.

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