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And the Winner Today Is……

I am out of my routine and groping for purchase.  I got up and took care of the dogs but when I went to sit down and start my online work my laptop had no charge.  Sooooo I dinked around on my phone for a little to let it charge.  It has charged enough and I need to get started.  (Yes I could stay in my office while it charged and use it there but the kids won’t all come in and lay down.  Dante will pace back and forth in the hall and the girls will come and go.  Moose is the only one who will lay and stay.  Dante is too stiff to be up and down pacing the hall.  When I’m here in the living room he lays beside me and sleeps.  Being out here just works for everyone.)

I have two articles to write and send out this morning.  I also have to do some work on my other writing site.  I spend time doing reviews for others and I’ve not written anything for them to read in a bit.  I’m also putting in about 2-3 applications a day.  So far no response.  Rather disheartening.  I’m going to have to tap my 401K for bills even though it will piss my advisor off.  Another storm hit over night and we can’t have the heat or electricity go off.  I think we got about a foot or so overnight.  And heavy winds.  Those started yesterday and even blew out the furnace.

I’m not looking forward to writing the one article because the meeting was 1 1/2 hours and there was a lot of information given.  It will be hard to boil that down to a few paragraphs.  The other meeting was an hour and it was a simpler meeting.  I didn’t feel as though I needed to write down as much in my notes.  I believe there is an audio transcript online.  I am going to look for that  and put that to use to supplement my notes.

Ok, I’m back.  I noticed I was feeling a bit chilly and I had to check to make sure the furnace didn’t blow out again.  It is such a pain to light!  We are good.  The furnace is running.  The snow keeps coming down heavier and heavier.  It is supposed to be done by 9am.  (Because Mother Nature has a watch and times these things…)  I don’t know about that.   I was surprised because we didn’t really get much over the course of the day yesterday.

I suppose I’d better get to writing my articles.  No more procrastination.  Ha ha ha!  Cheers!


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