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Working Through Another Day

It’s 7am here.  We got up at 6:30am (actually earlier so the alarm wouldn’t wake Chris) because I have to go and cover council meeting for the paper at 9.  We’ll see how the weather holds out as to whether or not (pardon the pun) I go to Traverse afterwards.  The winds has picked up considerably over the last few hours.  We are slated for another 5-12 inches of snow with the wind as well as a side venue of ice and freezing rain.  I can’t tell you how excited we all are!

I snuck an anxiety pill in Moose’s breakfast.  I guess whenever I go anymore he howls and cries.  Which in turn gets all the kids more fussy.  I think it is cabin fever.  I haven’t taken them out for a ride in a while.  Seems like every time I’m going somewhere I am either going to be gone awhile and can’t leave them in the car (like today) or the weather is bad.

Thank you for the kind words an support after yesterday’s post.  Yesterday had some ups but there was the other stuff we won’t talk about.  Not much sleep last night and I soooo wish I could curl up on the couch and try to get a few more hours.   Hmmmm.  I feel a little cold and I hope that the furnace has not blown out in the wind.  The furnace should’ve kicked on by now.  (I am chanting “I will not cry” in my head right now.)  I guess that means I need to finish this up and go deal with that.

I hope everyone has a great day

As a side ha ha, when I went to look for photos for “tired” it pulled up a bunch of motorcycle pictures.

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