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All About Stella

The big excitement yesterday was that I decided to start making and selling homemade puppy treats to help with Stella’s medical bills.  Right now all we have to pay for is her medicine but once the weather gets better and we spend more time outside she may end up needing surgery.  Hopefully not but she is a busy girl and it is very difficult to keep her from NOT playing.  She also needs a microchip.  She is the only one of the four that doesn’t have one yet.  Truth be told I always forget.  Whenever I take her to the vet it is usually for something major and I am focused on that.

The treats aren’t that hard to make and require very little in terms of ingredients so I thought it would be a good way to help raise money for her.  As it is her meds are $100 every two or so weeks.  Everyone seems supportive so I will give it a go.  I might be able to get some of the local places to sell a few bags for me.  I need to make my list and go ask.

For those of you who don’t know about Stella’s story I will try to give you a shortened one.  I found her on the side of a busy road last April.  Someone had just dumped her about 30 minutes before.  Then next 30 minutes were spent keeping her safe (a truck with three guys came to “get” her) and letting her owner know that I would take care of her until she could.

Whispers of a dog fighting ring came to my ear and I had people call to tell me not to give her back.  I took Stella to the vet because she needed her rabies shot (she was maybe 9 months old and her “owner” had gotten her from the local shelter).  That visit broke my heart.  Stella was oddly muscled.  Her chest and front legs are strong but her back legs are spindly.  She’s never been able to sit down directly on her butt.  She has to ease herself down and have her back legs off to the side.  The vet said she had bad hips and both her back knees would have to be replaced at one point.  When I got her x-rayed I just laid on the floor of the vet’s office with her and cried my eyes out.  Her x-rays looked like they were from a dog in very old age.  There was also the abuse.  The physical part was obvious but I believe that she was sexually abused too.  She has trauma that can be accounted for in no other way.

You can’t see how swollen her knees are in photos but when people finally see her in person they are shocked.  She is way too busy for all the damage that was done.  There are things that she can do which surprise everyone.  She can jump… high.  She also enjoys laying in the favorite Pitty position of frog legs.  She will lay on her back with her legs splayed or even dangle a back leg off the couch when she feels.  She can also be amazingly fast when trouble arises… especially if she has caused it.

I worry that she is carefree now but the years will bring misery in the form of arthritis (x-rays showed some spots on her spine that if they aren’t causing problems now they will in the future- this on top of her hips and knees) as well as possible surgeries and all the other things that could go wrong with her problems.  So I try to keep her happy and comfortable.  Although when you meet her you’d never know anything was wrong to watch her.  That is another problem.  I never know when she hurts.  She has popped her hips out and continued to play despite what should be painful and a limp.

Her siblings here get jealous and she can’t get into more trouble than the three of them put together some days but we love her.   She is a very smart girl (when she wants to be).  I have no idea what possesses people to hurt animals.  Especially one like Stella.


Well I have done a blog on two of the four kids.  I suppose I’ll have to do Essie and Moose next!


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