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Thoughts on Writing

I try to read as many of my fellow bloggers as I can on here as often as I can.  We have some amazing writers on here!  Sometimes I read and I don’t think I can write at all then there are days when I’m reading and I think “That’s a good idea!” and write like crazy.  With all the quality writing I read I am proud that I have people who actually want to read what I have to say.

Many mornings I grope for a topic.  Still working on my first cup of coffee I stare around bleary eyed wondering what to write about that might be of interest to others.  My eyes pause enviously on the sleeping dogs but go back to roving.  Sometimes I find something that sparks an idea.  Other times I just pick something and just start writing.

I find a lot of ideas in photos, be they mine or someone else’s.  As a matter of fact I went out into the elements yesterday and took some photos of the ice as it layered up of the course of the afternoon and evening.

While the photos make it look pretty what it was was pretty deadly.  We had hours of rain and freezing rain which turned to snow and back again.  Today the temperature is dropping drastically so it is all freezing solid.  The roads are skating rinks.  Sometimes you can’t get doors open because they have a few layers of ice on them.  The wind has picked up too.  So it gets down into the negative numbers with windchill.  The dogs didn’t stay out any longer than they had to to go potty this morning.  And oh look… it’s snowing.  I assume that’s what it is since I don’t hear anything clinking on the windows.

See?  I meant to just share the pictures and I ended up sharing the stories behind the pictures.   I like that.  If I think I have nothing to say I can usually find something.  I try to see and see past what is round me.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  But I keep trying.  We all should.

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