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Has Anyone Seen Me?

The good news is I passed the tests.  The uncomfortable news is that now I wait.  So meanwhile I am putting applications in for more jobs.  And I need to remember the dates for committee meetings I am covering for the paper so that I can take that time off (atleast for a few hours).

I am near panic but I am exhausted.  I just don’t have the energy to be stressed right now.  I have been getting up later than our usual 7am more often than not.  I try to stay up until atleast 10pm to make sure that Stella doesn’t leave any gifts on the floor.  But I honestly am tired of getting up early.  It’s nice and all to get writing and such done but I am tired.  Emotionally drained.  I am trying to keep all things equal.  Make sure everything gets done and everyone gets taken care of but…

I had a really good time with Mom yesterday.  We hung out at her house for a few hours and talked.  We only live 45 minutes away but we don’t see each other much.  We use the same excuses for the same reasons so we understand and don’t get mad.  We do have daily contact though.  Daily texts and the occasional phone call are the name of the game for us.  We will share memes, articles and ideas via texts.  Anyway she and I talked and played with her two dogs for a few hours before we went out and did some running around together.  It was a goodtime.

Why does this feel like things would be so much easier if it were Spring or Summer?  I hate wearing layers to stay warm.  I hate being cold.  I need my sunshine and warmth.  I need to be outside.  So do the dogs for that matter.  I am tired of the snow.  If I feel the need to watch it fall I have a snowglobe I can shake.  And before you ask why I am still up here it is simply my family.  I am too far from Dad as it is but I can still get there if needed.  I am all Mom has.  If I leave then I am worried as to what will happen to her.

I’m sorry.  I am all over the board today with everything.  I was hoping that just writing about things would help.  I still want to go back and just hibernate til Spring.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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11 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen Me?”

      1. I used to when I was younger. Now I have 4 big dogs and I am afraid that the only running I do is chasing them when we play. I’ve thought about trying again. I did like it.

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      2. I wouldn’t use tennis shoes. It depends on the ground. If you gave concrete ground you need well cushioned ones. If you run in woodland area you need good grip. I live in Germany there are special running shops where they give good advice also on condition of your feet and how you stand. Good shoes are essential if you don’t want to run into knee trouble 🏃

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