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Let the Mad Scramble Begin!

I may have been premature about being stress free.   Things have happened a bit faster than I anticipated.  The calm was nice while it lasted.  Now begins the mad scramble.  I just need to keep my head straight.

I got up at 6:30am today so I could do this before I left.  I have to go into Traverse to take the second exam for the Post Office job.  Hopefully I will know something before I leave there about what happens next.  I have some running to do as well as spending some time with Mom and her girls.   Hopefully my crew will be quiet and good for Chris while I am gone.  I guess Moose just cried and cried when I went to the store Sunday.  Poor babe hasn’t done that before.

I’m not sure what is up with Stella these past few nights.  She pooped on the floor Sunday night and then TWICE last night.  I think she is doing it to Chris and not me.  It’s like she tries to time it so he will have to pick it up.  When I picked up the first pile last night she snuck out of bed and did it again.  But Essie had to go out at 2:30am so I found the multiple piles then.  I don’t know what to do.

And the temperature has dropped drastically again.  Things have gone from wet to ice here.  The drive in will be interesting.  I am giving myself an hour for a 30-45 minute drive.  I hope that is enough.  Part of me wishes that I’d gone for a later test time but I don’t think that would’ve been any help.  I’d still be up at 7am on very little sleep.  I would have been pacing for the time I had to wait to leave.

I can’t take anything in with me when I do testing so I hope all will be safe in the car.  I don’t like leaving it all out there but I don’t have much choice.  If this doesn’t pan out then I’m gonna have to start applying for jobs every free chance I have.  My own fault as I thought I had longer to get it all together.

I will either post again later or share tomorrow how things go today.  Hopefully all will go well and no accidents!  Cheers!

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