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Feeling Very One and at Peace

It is already 41F this morning.  Michigan weather has really run the gamut this past week!  I could tell immediately when it began to warm up because it sounded like it was pouring rain outside.  That was just the foot of snow melting off the roof in mass quantities.  This has also given us a nice thick for this morning.

Today is one of those days I just want to stay hunkered down in bed.  It is dark and relatively quiet.  Even once in a while you’ll hear a bit of snow falling off the roof.  Kind of a sliding whoop sound.  Which is rather soothing because this means the snow is actually going away.

So do I hunker in with a pen and notebook or just a book or both?  I guess we’ll see once this is done.  Dante is gently snoring on the floor beside me.  Essie is on the couch struggling to keep her eyes open.  Well one eye.  The other is buried in the blanket with the rest of her head.  Stella and Moose are behind me on the love seat.

There are things that need to get done today but not right now.  Now is my quiet time.  I work on my writing and reading with no one to bother me.  I have a slight headache at the bottom of my skull but I’m not letting that intrude on my morning.  It is so wonderfully quiet and calm right now.  Nothing is required.  Nothing has to be done.  One just is.  There are opportunities for movement and forward motion within the day.  But right now it is like drifting along in a stream on its gentle current.  Just flowing through the day.  Not sure where or when you are but that is ok.  I feel like one of the sticks from Winnie the Pooh when they would play Pooh sticks.  Or maybe I am Eeyore and have just managed to fall in and I’m letting myself drift instead of looking for a way out.

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