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Spring Is in the Air

Today is Imbolc for those of us who celebrate according to the Gaelic Pagan calendar.  It is halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  Other Pagan traditions will call today Candlemas.  The average Joe on the street might call it Groundhog Day.

Today Pagans looked forward and find Spring, new life, new beginnings.  It is also a day to celebrate Brigit.  And yes for many Catholics this is St. Brigit.  Except that this is Brigit before she became a saint.  This is Brigit when she was a goddess.

Brigit has always been a favorite of mine because she represents healing, poetry, new beginnings, fertility and smithcraft.  I look to her for guidance with my writing when I am stuck.  She is the daughter of the Dagda and wife of Bres in Irish mythology.  Some consider her to be a triple goddess because she is said to have two sisters of the same name but whereas she was the poet, one sister was the healer and the other was the smith.  Most people agree that these are just different aspects of the same goddess.

I love this holy day (holiday) because it represents hope for the year to come.  I can look forward to Spring and Summer.  I can look forward to green grass, gardening, new life and hopefully new things to write.  It has been a positive day in the very doldrums of winter.  May today be the same for all of us.  Blessed be and Blessed Imbolc!

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