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Finding My Way Through the Snow

There is actually traffic this morning.  The weather is supposed to last through noon today.  I guess yesterday’s shut down gave most people a needed day off.  Not everyone was able to stay home.  Nor did everyone elect to stay home judging from the amount of accidents yesterday afternoon.  According to the Weather Channel app on my phone the snow will stop but the temps will drop and stay that way through the weekend.  So we are looking at negative numbers even before wind chill.

I got a notice on my phone that they were asking people to turn their furnaces down to 65F or lower because of the drastic temperature drop.  Sadly we cannot do this as the house is too cold as it is.  The AC units are still in among other things so we have a continual draft despite our best efforts at keeping the cold out.  (Why are the AC units still in you ask?  That would be due to the garage that was supposed to be finished this past fall still not being done.)

It is getting brighter out but you still can’t see very far.   That is very much how I feel.  I can’t seem to see very far in any direction.  Which way to I go?  How far before I turn back?  Should I turn back?  These past few months have given me a chance to regroup and try to figure things out.  I’ve even tried a few new things.  But I need to move forward.  And I could not have a worst time of year to do that in.  Maybe it will be a good thing.  I can prove my mettle.


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