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Notes From a Blizzard

Well here we are.  The last few hours of the current blizzard.  There are parts of the state of Michigan that have literally SHUT DOWN.  We don’t do that here!  That is unheard of!  We are shaped like a snow mitten for pity’s sake!  But there it is.  -1F that feels like -19F and a fine mist of snow that does nothing for your vision.  Funny thing is we are getting hit less than in Traverse City.  The situation is usually reversed.

I wonder how many lives will be lost when all this is said and done.  Human and animal alike are going to have survival issues.  Everyone’s immune systems will be wonky as well.  There is supposed to be rain at one point.

So what does one do when faced with a shutdown?  Write and read of course!  I am looked at strangely because I prefer pen and paper to write with and actual physical books to read.  This is why.  When extreme conditions hit I still have something to do.  No electricity?  I’m good!  No internet?  Got that covered too.  Naturally I will have to type any writing into the computer to submit it but that to me is worth the hassle.  Extra editing time when I have to type it in.

I sit and watch the trees sway in the wind.  I can’t hear it over the furnace.  I wonder how many branches will come down.  There goes another.  It’s like Mother Nature is pruning the trees.  There will be a lot of yard clean up this year.  For us that’s ok.  There is a lot I wanted to do anyway.  The dogs are spending a lot of time curled up.  No one wants to go outside.

I think today will be more reading and writing than anything else.  I hope power doesn’t go out but I suppose I ought to go around and make sure we are ready if it does.  The hardest thing will be the dogs freaking out.  When power goes out our ceiling fan goes off.  When that happens all the dogs get scared.  No idea why.  They do that when I have to turn it off to clean it too.  Other things in the house beep to signal they are turning off which scares them.  So I usually spend the first little while cuddled up with them trying to keep them calm.  Not matter what, as soon as I get up everyone will follow.  It would be adorable if they weren’t so scared.

Time to hunker down.  I’ll make myself some more coffee.  Here are a few pics of today.


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