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Remembering the Past While Working to the Future

It is bitterly cold but not snowing.   My car is no longer stuck.  Both the yard and driveway have been plowed.  All four dogs are sleeping as I write this.  Moose and I curled up on the couch together after they ate and went outside this morning.  It helped but I have a feeling that I’m fighting a losing battle with this cold or whatever it is.  But I will still fight it.  May be it won’t hit as hard.

I got a bit of frostbite on my calf from getting the car out.  Who needs post cards from adventures?  I collect scars and other marks.  Lol.  That is the big reason I have my tattoos and will continue to get them.  My family has a history of dementia.  I want to be able to look at my body and use it to remember myself.  Be it a scar or a piece of ink it all happened as a result of something that happened to me.  That is also why I carry around a 3×5 card with all the tattoos I still want to get around in my wallet like some kind of donor card.

Some designs are more pressing than others.  I have paw prints that I want to get for my kids.  I have my infinity symbol with family written in it over my heart.  I plan to put a paw print below that for the kids.  I also want to do some kind of memorial tattoo for the ones that have passed.  I’ve thought about either a bracelet around my wrist or around my ankle for them.  There have been a lot and I still have four alive so I may do both.

The flip side of all this is moving forward and looking to the future.  In that regard I am trying as well.  I got two small articles published this week.  They arrived yesterday in the local paper.  I need to find a job (even if I start part time and work my way up) to move forward with things.  The local paper wants to keep me but it is small enough that only the owner is full time.  Everyone else comes in and lends a hand as they can.  So that means I need something to go with that.

It’s hard to think about moving forward under all this snow.  That has been my big stumbling block.  I just want to hibernate til Spring.  Part of me worries that I am making the future look better for doing things rather than right now.  Regardless things still are going to get done now.  They have to.

My coffee is almost gone and I need to take a round of medicine to fight whatever I have so I will end this for now.  I’ll share a few photos of the morning.   Cheers!


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